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Premium Merchant Funding is one of the fastest growing private Lenders on Wall Street. In the years following the 2008 Financial Crisis, it became apparent to the founders of PMF, that a major reason the American economy was rebounding so slowly was that lost fortunes, stringent and messy new regulations, and an overall sense of unrest across the banking sector. Under this new environment it became increasingly hard for small and medium size business owners to get access to the capital they needed to survive and grow using traditional brick and mortar bank loans.

The stagnation that loomed in the wake of the 2008 crisis left millions of American business owners unable to continue their growth tracks, meet projected goals, and keep up with expenses. Following the 2008 market crash, hundreds of thousands of small businesses had no choice but to close their doors. At its zenith, an average of 50 businesses were declaring bankruptcy every day.

With government increasingly inept at solving the problem and a lack of private sector solutions in view, it seemed the entire American economy would suffer a dramatic shift, where the only businesses left would be those owned by international conglomerations. Unfortunately, due to the convoluted state of the financial system, most big banks weren’t directly affected by the woes of the average business owners; in many cases, they even stood to gain by cashing in on all the now undervalued properties and assets business owners had no choice but to sell.

Despite public outrage, after a quarter-trillion dollar tax-payer funded bailout, most of the big banks and their officers were free to continue business as usual. Whereas before 2008, many of the Wall Street giants generated tremendous profits turning out loans in excess of what many recipients would ever be able to pay back, the situation reversed. The new problem that emerged post-2008 was not that banks were lending irresponsibly; the new problem was that the banks decide instead not to lend at all! Throughout President Obama’s tenure, this problem has remained a constant, hindering economic growth and leaving businesses un-funded.

The intended mission of the banks – to allow anyone with a dream and ambition to match the freedom to borrow the capital necessary to build a business they can then grow, creating jobs and improving their station in life – has been forgotten. As the banks instead focus their efforts on hedging against future losses, and making money off the money they refuse to lend, through low-risk, high-reward computerized stock trading and international bank-to-bank investments, American business owners have been left in the dust to fend for themselves.

Sound familiar?

This is what set the stage for PMF. Since its founding in 2014, PMF has funded over $50,000,000.00 to small and mid-sized businesses. Helping to mitigate risk, facilitate growth, and investing in a long-term vision for companies that are being held back by nothing more than a financial system that has failed to meet their needs and maintain a healthy and predictable economic flow.

Rather than requiring collateral, charging application fees, subjecting business owners to weeks and months of delays, more often than not, just to get declined… PMF set out to develop and bring to entrepreneurs a new alternative to the clunky, outdated, and all but defunct model.

PMF took the very concept of the SBA (Small Business Loan) and revisited it. Some of the smartest minds on Wall Street came together to pioneer new forms of lending that would be exempt from the regulations that prevented many well-intentioned banks from lending to entrepreneurs who didn’t meet strict eligibility requirements.

The end result was the introduction of what came to be known as the Merchant Cash Advance. A Merchant Cash Advance, or MCA, differs from a traditional bank loan in that it is by legal definition not a loan, but instead a quick sale of future revenues. This distinction allows for a much more streamlined process with far fewer “hoops” to jump through, greater flexibility, and complete customization. Typically, a MCA is also unsecured, meaning it is not required that a business owner borrow against the value of their personal and/or business assets, risking the forfeiture or seizure of business and/or personal assets in the event of a default.

Unlike the banks that are too big to fail, and therefore too big to care, here at PMF we have no interest in structuring quick “hit and run” deals that generate a quick buck and leave the client in the dust. At PMF, it is our goal to make each and every deal work for you. While most lending arrangements call for a consistent amount every collection period, PMF offers revenue based repayment models, which free up cash flow for the business and dramatically reduce the odds of a default because of a drop in sales, unexpected expenses, or any other common reason intended payment arrangements become disrupted.

Under a revenue-based repayment arrangement (R-Type Deal for short) you pay back more when you’re doing well, and less when you’re not. Repayments can even be taken directly from weekly credit card revenues, allowing for maximum flexibility. Each one of PMF’s deals is crafted using special formulas to determine the highest amount your business would be able to comfortably afford based on your numbers. The resulting offers thereby stay below specifically calculated amounts, terms, and rates thresholds that ensure no client is ever over-leveraged.

But the MCA is just one product in the PMF arsenal; it is commonly used as a gateway deal to set into place a foundation for future business dealings. PMF works with its clients to consistently improve their credit, introduce methods to cut costs and reduce expenses, and work directly with business owners to narrow down the exact financial products, arrangements, and services that will take businesses to the next level and beyond.

PMF is growing fast, and will continue to do so for the simple fact that we offer deals that make sense, make them happen fast (same week fast), and are always thinking several moves ahead. It is through these innovative and personable means that we take our merchants from the status quo to being premium merchants… premium in terms of long-term profitability; premium in terms of overall ease of business management; and premium in terms of owner fulfillment and quality of life. At the end of the day, you don’t live to make money… you make money to live.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us now. We will be back to you within one business day, not for a “free consultation” as might be advertised on an infomercial, but instead for an actual personable conversation with a real life Wall Street financial expert. We want to hear your story, know your goals, get the facts and bring to the table long-term solutions custom tailored to work for you and your business.

Here at PMF, we’re not out to fund you once and never look b

ack. We think with the end in mind and are out to present such an expectation-defying positive experience that you’re going to want to work with us for as long as you’re in business… which, if you’re with us, is going to be as long as you decide to be. Now click here.

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